Last in my SMSS tips series (also see Pinterest and Instagram tricks) is Snapchat.
Snapchat is one of the few social channels I had not embraced because it seemed to skew too young. With 77% of college students using it on a daily basis, this seems reasonable, but it's more than just a way for them to communicate.
National Geographic, Cosmopolitan, the Food Network, CNN and others share content through Snapchat's Discover, which the info junkie in me loves to check out every so often (though they are updated every day).
KC Geen, Head of Global Social Media at Groupon, says the demographic is typically younger than 34 years old, with a strong business-to-consumer bent. You need to capture viewers’ attention fast, so Keen suggests the “5 second rule,” conveying most of your message in just 5 seconds so users will stick around.
Amazing visuals - as always - do very well and are most shareable. Formerly of Grubhub, Keen says that contests were a major driver for their success on Snapchat, sharing not only teasers but frequent opportunities to engage and win.
Regular resources to post and respond are incredibly important; Grubhub responded to every response it got, necessitating 24/7 monitoring. But that consistency pays off, in bigger numbers and interaction.
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