It seems like every other day there's a new social media outlet and ways to strategize for your business. Pinterest has been around for a while now, and these tips picked up at SMSS Chicago 2015 should fuel your pinning obsession for more than just a wish list. Shared by Cat Chung, these do help systemize Pinterest.

Pinterest likes detailed descriptions, but don't overload it with your branding. Hashtags are also not used in Pinterest, but consider a tiny iconic logo of your own and staying on brand with images that reflect your colors and settings.

Vertical images fare better across devices than horizontal, and use a rich pin if possible to keep information with the repins.

Boards are also considered distribution channels and destinations rather than just placeholders. And if you can use boards with locations (great for travel blogs), all the better.

Tactically, if you have lists, consider putting them on the photo; creating images with limited text usually perform better than those that have no text. Be sure the text is part of the design & large enough to read - no mice type!

Have any strategic Pinterest tips?