English: A collage showing a photograph, along...

English: A collage showing a photograph, along with the same photograph processed through all 15 filters in the iOS app Instagram (as of the date of creation in April 2011) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Being so visual, I do love Instagram (and have changed my name recently, to WorkTravelTech). Until recently I hadn't pursued it, especially for growing an audience. Cat Chung spoke on Instagram at SMSS Chicago 2015, and had some brief and fabulous tips:

  • There is no algorithm to Instagram—so there is a limited exposure window for your post.
  • No links are allowed except in your bio.
  • Predictably, inspiring, beautiful images do best.
  • Keep your social media handles consistent across platforms (always good advice).
  • And also excellent advice for any platform: Engagement, not follower numbers, matter most.

What's your favorite Instagram tip?