WordPress training. Learn. Practice. Master.

Learn how to use your site, one on one.

You had the company's WordPress site dumped in your lap. Or you’re running a business and are getting by on your wits and a whole lot of Google searches. Whatever the case, WordPress can be a bit daunting at first.

I love teaching clients how to best use their sites, keep them running, optimized and up-to-date. Even if it was built by someone else!

My WordPress course is concise and will answer all of your questions.


Up to 4 people
1-2 hours
Learn the ins and outs of the dashboard;
Create and manage content;
Use customized site parts;
Understand WordPress terminologies;
Know where and how to find support for your issues;
Implement best practices for security and optimization;
Reference the recorded session and video tutorials right on your site.

Would you rather I manage your site for you?

Check out my monthly maintenance plans! These plans give you options for everything from simple text changes, to newly designed pages, optimization and malware removal. I also work on an hourly basis.


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