WordPress training. Learn. Practice. Master.

Learn how to use your site, one on one.

You had the company's WordPress site dumped in your lap. Or if you are running your own business, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the complex interface and customization options available with plugins. Whatever the case, WordPress can be a bit daunting at first.

Luckily, there’s an answer – my personalized website training on how best to utilize this platform! It covers everything from your custom themes and interfaces down to optimizing for better performance so that your website stays smooth even when handling heavy traffic loads or images/videos.

I love teaching clients how to best use their sites, keep them running, optimized and up-to-date. Even if it was built by someone else!

My WordPress course is concise, comes with a video and a written guide for your site, and will answer all of your questions.


Up to 4 people
1-2 hours
You'll learn how to:
Create and manage content;

Use customized site functions;
Understand WordPress terminologies;
Know where and how to find support for your issues;
Implement best practices for security and optimization;
Reference the recorded session and video tutorials right on your site

Would you rather I manage your site for you?

Check out my monthly maintenance plans! These plans give you options for everything from simple text changes, to newly designed pages, optimization and malware removal. I also work on an hourly basis.

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