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Working in the design and tech industries for a while now, I've run into a lot of PC v. Mac fights. And I try to stay out of them, mostly because I feel you should use the best tool available to you. Frankly, we'll never change each other minds anyway.

With so much time in print design, a Mac is a natural choice that's never steered me wrong. I've spent a lot of time on PCs in early web development, since most of my techie mentors were PC devotees. It took a little getting used to, but it worked.

Yet I still get a lot of flak for "falling for the cult" of Apple and sneers from diehard techies who still think Publisher and CorelDraw are state-of-the-art. Frankly, we all have a lot of sneering we could do.

But the main reason I have had Apple products since about 1987, and refuse to go elsewhere (although I have—we'll get to that), is the company itself. That's not a cult, it's a proven track record.

The products are quality. I have 9-year-old Macs that still function—slower and with less software options, but they're still plugging away. The Apple Care Protection Plan has saved my ass more than once (ok, more than four times at this point), and even now I'm waiting on techs to get back to me with a cleaned up machine before my warranty expires.

I had one of those coffee 'mishaps' with my MacBook Pro a few months back and through my lovely homeowner's insurance and Apple, got a brand new machine back. With an out-of-warranty 6-year-old MBP, I asked them to take a look because the wifi wasn't working any longer. After $300, they replaced some aging components (all but the hard drive) and I've basically got another new machine. For $300.

Yesterday, I complained about 2 laptop chargers that were wearing — one is for that 9-year-old machine. What did they do? Give me two new chargers for free.

That's not to say I haven't encountered "Geniuses" that are anything but, or service that didn't match my expectations. But I've let it be known I've dealt with these machines for a long time, and I've been treated with the same respect in return or found a new Genius. That's golden to me, and why they're getting my dough. Add on long-lasting, maintainable machines and I'm set.

So, what about when I strayed? Well, I do have a Kindle Fire Android tablet at home. But to me, it does what I need exactly: Tablet and Droid browsing, plus reading books. And it's not as pricey as an iPad.

On the other hand, I've owned a Windows phone, a Blackberry, and an Android phone before I got my iPhone. I'm not particularly tough on my phones, but every single one but the iPhone was ready to be replaced in a 1-1.5 years. Read that as failing components, shuts off on its own, cuts off calls, failing (and melted) batteries and more. My iPhone 4S is at 2.5 years with no sign of slowing down. I guess you know where this one is going?

I'll add that Siri is still pretty stupid, and mishears simple words repeatedly while making up its own. It's a great idea, but I'm hoping the next version will be smarter, so I don't swear at it so much.

I love and respect technology of any kind. Without the push from every corner we'd never get to the places we are today, or where we'll be tomorrow with it. That leaves room for all of us—and I'll still proudly be waving my Apple flag.