My favorite WordPress blogging plugins

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WordPress has a lot of really cool plugins—but that wasn’t always the case. These days I can add in event tickets, membership systems, even community builders that mimic Facebook, all for free or a nominal cost.

But blogging still claims a god amount of WordPress sites, so the average user can improve their site fairly easily.

Here are a few WordPress blogging plugins I’ve found incredibly useful not only for myself but clients too:

Tweet old post: This one actually has tripled traffic to Thriftista at times, revitalizing old posts that might have languished in the archives. The newest version also has the ability to omit posts, which comes in handy when you want to leave out outdated ones.

Instant Images: Finding decent, relevant photography can be a pain for the average blog—this plugin takes care of that, and the copyright. Search Unsplash images directly within your posts, and add them directly. Timesaver!

Rank Math: I usually install Yoast on client sites, but I've been finding I really like the flexibility and I’ve tried a number of SEO plugins and this one is simple, yet offers more tools for the advanced.

Akismet: This is a WordPress standard, and so many folks just don’t enable it. If you want to avoid the majority of spam comments, it’s an easy way to clear it out. It’s also free, though you need to go to the Akismet site to get an API key.

WordPress Editorial Calendar: We all say we’re gonna get out a post a week. Or two. And then six months go by, work gets crazy, you name it. This has an easy drag-and-drop interface to move schedule dates and set up reminders for future posts.

Anthologize: Is your blog ebook-worthy? Even if it’s not *grin*, you can easily export your posts to a readable format.

What are your favorites?


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