WordPress website audit. Analyis. Review.

When your website isn't performing at its best, it can lead to lost business. That's the best time to do a WordPress website audit.

Perhaps you aren't sure if you should redesign, or you want to know if you can just make improvements to your current sites.

My reviews begin with your site analytics, along with recordings of actual users and where they click. Real user data is our not-so-secret weapon to find out exactly how your site is performing, and where we can go.

From this data, I suggest improvements to ease users' flow through the site and make more conversions (whether that's a sale, or a new contact). I look for continuity of design, improvements we can do based on the user experience, and ways to streamline how users interact with your site. Keeping users on your site and interacting with it is our goal.

Site health takes into account the functionality of your site, how up-to-date everything is, and any errors. Speed and the overall performance of your site are next, along with its overall security.

SEO analysis covers what keyword phrases you rank for on search engines, issues Google sees, and opportunities for new traffic as compared to your competitors.

The result is a comprehensive report of your WordPress site’s overall wellbeing and where improvements can be made. From here, you can implement edits as you wish or hire me to apply changes.


Reviewing + reporting:
Customer usage / User engagement
Ease of use / User experience
Overall site health
Site organization
SEO / Negative SEO
Speed and performance

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