Zebra Technologies marketing collateral + package design

The requirement here was inexpensive yet attractive, on-brand packaging and marketing collateral design.

Starting at the top left, the box was an inexpensive way to share a huge cache of the data and specs for a new printer launch. As most of these printers sit on loading docks, it was a unique expression of where the printer might live, with a glossy sticker that matched accompanying promotional event invitation (see: top right photo, "things change" invitation).

Bottom right is the following year’s invitation, introducing a new barcoding technology. The barcode on the triangular flap actually scans with a welcome message!

Bottom left, this piece began as a low-budget brochure that did not allow for photography. I scanned an ink roll with its graphically strong label at an angle. This sold the marketing department on giving us extra funding for a photo shoot to better display the label and give this otherwise non-descript specification data brochure a huge visual upgrade.

Roles: Art direction, production

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