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WordPress support and maintenance is the not-so-fun, last-thing-on-your-mind work that comes after you've launched your new website. Yet it comprises a fair bit of my ongoing business, whether it's “de-hacking” a compromised site or simply optimizing and protecting it.

But it's essential, because WordPress is a very popular platform, making it a popular target for hackers.

So what's a website owner to do?

Check out my custom service, Chicago Web Support, for starters!

I launched CWS back in 2017 to give you more options to have your site managed with minimal fuss. There are three monthly levels: Starter, Growth and Pro.

Starter web maintenance support:

The Starter package is perfect for small businesses and bloggers who want peace of mind, but not a high monthly price. You'll get daily site backups, a weekly security check, weekly updates of WordPress, its plugins and themes, monthly spam cleanup, free fixing of your compromised (ie, hacked) site, and a monthly Google Analytics report emailed to you.

Growth web maintenance support:

The Growth package gives you all of the above, plus uptime monitoring (did your site go down, so you missed out on business?), a quarterly site review with my recommendations for improvements, a monthly SEO ranking report alerting you to keywords Google has ranked you on, and 45 minutes per month of website changes (unused time does not roll over to the next month). Website changes can include content additions/changes, and minimal design work or development. Or, we can discuss strategy for that time. Up to you!

Pro web maintenance support:

Finally, the Pro package includes all of the above, makes your site review monthly, and gives you two hours per month of web maintenance time to use as you see fit (unused time does not roll over to the next month).

You can purchase a month at a time, or in discounted six- and 12-month blocks (that's 10% and 20% off, respectively). Try it out for a month, or buy a larger block of time.


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