Website process

What to expect when you're expecting a new website

Designing, or redesigning, a website can seem a bit like a wild experiment.

The formula for a great website should be a mix of artistry, wordsmithing, marketing and technology. And hopefully, you’ll end up with a fabulous site you’re proud to show off.

I’ve outlined my process, based on years of experience building sites from the ground up. My goal is a website that works for you, that you’ll love, and keep building on.



Website design & development

$ 3,500

  • Responsive design based off a WordPress framework
  • Site customized to client’s branding
  • Up to 5 custom page templates built out
  • Insertion of content up to 20 pages
  • 1 contact form
  • 6 rounds of revisions
  • Redirection of up to 50 URLs to appropriate new pages
  • WordPress training for up to 4 people with videos posted to your dashboard
  • Additional costs must be considered for custom components
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