ChicagoWebSupport.com launches with levels of WordPress support and maintenance

WordPress support and maintenance is quite a bit of my ongoing business, whether it’s “de-hacking” a compromised site or simply optimizing and protecting it. To be honest, WordPress maintenance is not the highest priority on some organizations’ long list of to dos, and yet it’s a popular target for hackers. So what’s a website owner to do?

Lisa GhisolfChicagoWebSupport.com launches with levels of WordPress support and maintenance

Combatting the WordPress spam monster

WordPress spam has been worsening lately for everyone: It’s an easy in for hackers, especially on dormant sites or unmonitored sites. I’ve cleaned tens of thousands of spam comments out of clients’ sites before, and those comments not only show an a doorway for more spammers, but also bloat your site’s database and ultimately slow you down. Which Google doesn’t like. It’s a chain reaction.

Lisa GhisolfCombatting the WordPress spam monster

Friday picks: Free images to use on your blog

Finding images for your blog posts is probably tougher than writing the actual post. And for free? Even worse.

Two of my favorite solutions fix this—while still sharing an image’s creator and source information so you’re legitimately using another’s content.

Zemanta is actually a blog content and link suggestion platform that shares your posts over its network. It boasts a WordPress plugin to add in related posts to your site.

But by far, my favorite function happens in WordPress (and Wordpress.com, Blogger, TypePad, Posterous, Movable Type, Drupal and Joomla): Using the keyword phrases in your post, Zemanta allows one-click linking to relevant outside sites. Even better, you can search for images with Creative Commons licenses, allowing linking and publishing. It’s an absolute lifesaver for finding images in a pinch and adding visual flair on just about any topic to your blog.

My other find is PhotoDropper — as a WordPress plugin it similarly pulls Creative Commons images, but also premium images, right in your dashboard.

Both of these services run the caveat that you should check if the image is free for commercial use if your blog or website are used in a business context.

Lisa GhisolfFriday picks: Free images to use on your blog