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Raiders of the lost proposal

Updated 5/2019. It’s happened to us all: You knock yourself out with a killer proposal or presentation, or set up well-thought-out pricing, only to be told by the potential client that they’ve chosen another company. It’s frustrating, especially if you feel you were the best company for the job. However, there is hope in recovering—and coming away to win bigger and better proposals in the future. Often the issue lies in a weak proposal, and…

Consider these steps before working with a designer

Updated 6/2019. I’m taking a break from writing this month, but want to share a short article from AIGA, a professional design organization. Consider these steps before working with any creative. We offer the following framework as a way to help designers communicate with clients in order to make design an integral part of their business, and to allow designers to make success an integral part of design. Design is a profession based on conception:…

Is it time to give your email list a rehab?

Two people buy fixer-upper homes. Both homes are in rough condition. In one of the bedrooms, each home has several enormous holes in the drywall around the closet. If Ben decides to patch the holes, while Leslie decides to pull the drywall off the 8′ of wall and replace it, who’s likely to be done faster with the more seamless job? Reading that over, it sounds like those old math word problems, doesn’t it ;-)….

They’re just not that into you: Email marketing

Updated 5/2019 I’ll contend that business should be separate from personal feelings or disputes. And then I’ll send out an email newsletter and a few unsubscribes will come in, and I’ll get a distinct feeling: Did I do something? Say something? What happened? Now I’m talking about people who actually remember who you are, who may have expressed interest in a product or service. Of course, the e-newsletters aren’t spammy, but just fabulous, wrought with…

GIF, JPEG, AI, EPS, huh? A guide to graphic file formats

Updated 5/2019. At least once a week I’m sent files that were *gasp* downloaded off the internet, or a tiny, pixelated version of a complicated logo — which, inevitably, falls apart in print or even on the web. This can result in higher printer fees and more time recreating or digging up the right files. Graphic file formats don’t have to be a mystery once you learn the basics, and your printer will thank you…

How to reevaluate and improve site navigation

Updated May 2019.

Let’s be honest: Your site navigation hasn’t changed since before mobile happened. No one finds your content, and you really aren’t sure what to do about it. A fairly simple and critical review that can make impact is by reviewing and improving site navigation.

Free stock images for your website

Updated April 2019. Finding images for your blog posts is probably tougher than writing the actual post. And for free? Even worse. Here’s a list of go-to resources for free stock photos for use on your site. Unsplash: Typically free to use under Creative Commons (as most of these are). Even has a plugin to make it easier. Pexels: Free for commercial and personal use. There’s even a plugin to simplify adding images. Burst: Provided by…

Checklist for choosing a WordPress theme

Updated April 2019.

We're already lucky to have 30% of the world's websites powered by WordPress. And WordPress themes are big business, with many developers and companies launching new themes every day. But what do you look for? Here's a checklist for choosing a WordPress theme.

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