Free and cheap website promotion

Last month I talked about SEO’s role in your web site and marketing plan. Now, how about some free ideas to push your site ahead?

Signature lines. The signature function of your email client is great for your contact information, but don’t forget to add lines to highlight your web site and links to new items you’ve added to the site. Highlight any deals you offer as well.

Forums. Find forums where folks request information on topics you’re an expert in, and offer your advice. Don’t forget to add your signature line! This can lead to new clients, but also establishes your expertise in your field. Ryze is one such forum source, as are Yahoo! and MSN groups. Visiting once a week will get your name recognized for minimum time outlay, but don’t overdo the sell tactics—your purpose is to give your name and some vital info., not a tired sales pitch.

Directories. Apart from search engines, directories are another way to share your company—think Yahoo! rather than Google. Google your category plus “directory” [as in, “law firm directory”] and you’ll find a directory that appeals most to you. Be careful with whom you share your company listing—some are little more than glorified spamming databases, but credible ones will list reputable companies and likely also give you statistics. Some charge fees, which is good and bad: Gizmo Design is listed in a directory that I pay for “premium” listing space in, and have found it profitable, though I’ve tested others to no avail. You will find out fairly quickly if your referrals come from these sources, and often pricing is set up so you can test for a few months and evaluate results.

Share it everywhere. Put your URL on everything you share with customers—advertising and marketing materials, letterhead, promotional items, uniforms and more, especially if it is not just It reduces confusion with other companies, and offers a place for people to get free information on your company. Offer a deal, discount, or contest, and you’ll gain even more hits.

Stuff your invoices. Ask for referrals and feedback with your invoices, and you’ll gain insight into your customers’ experience, plus some possible new business.

Have any ideas? Share them below or shoot me an email!

Lisa GhisolfFree and cheap website promotion
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