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BlogHouse Philly & blogger love

I like working with bloggers. This usually causes some more business-minded folks I know (usually of the 9-to-5 persuasion) to scoff and make a crack about mommy bloggers, which I quickly shut down with the earnings of some very successful mommy bloggers. It leaves them a bit slack-jawed. To be honest,[…]

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Review: Influencer Marketing for Dummies

Influencer marketing—usually recognized as the province of mommy bloggers and social influencers—is also seen by brands as a successful way to reach customers with organic, authentic sharing. But not every brand “gets” it, or knows how to implement an effective strategy in this space. Enter Influencer Marketing for Dummies. The first[…]

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Engaging with Snapchat

Last in my SMSS tips series (also see Pinterest and Instagram tricks) is Snapchat. Snapchat is one of the few social channels I had not embraced because it seemed to skew too young. With 77% of college students using it on a daily basis, this seems reasonable, but it’s more than just a[…]

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Instagram tricks

Being so visual, I do love Instagram (and have changed my name recently, to WorkTravelTech). Until recently I hadn’t pursued it, especially for growing an audience. Cat Chung spoke on Instagram at SMSS Chicago 2015, and had some brief and fabulous tips: There is no algorithm to Instagram—so there is a[…]

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Pinterest tips from SMSS Chicago 2015

View image | It seems like every other day there’s a new social media outlet and ways to strategize for your business. Pinterest has been around for a while now, and these tips picked up at SMSS Chicago 2015 should fuel your pinning obsession for more than just a[…]

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How to reevaluate and improve site navigation

Let’s be honest: Your site navigation hasn’t changed since before mobile happened. No one finds your content, and you really aren’t sure what to do about it. A fairly simple and critical review that can make impact is by reviewing and improving site navigation. I’ve noticed many website owners think once[…]

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Checklist for choosing a WordPress theme

skincare website redesign

We’re already lucky to have 22% of the world’s websites powered by WordPress. And WordPress themes are big business, with many developers and companies launching new themes every day. Though I’m a devotee of custom theming, already-built themes are often a stopgap for some clients to get online more quickly. But[…]

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