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BlogHouse Philly & blogger love

By gizmodesign

I like working with bloggers.

This usually causes some more business-minded folks I know (usually of the 9-to-5 persuasion) to scoff and make a crack about mommy bloggers, which I quickly shut down with the earnings of some very successful mommy bloggers. It leaves them a bit slack-jawed.

To be honest, I could scoff too. Aside from an art degree, I have a journalism degree, and fully ‘get’ the grind that reporting can be. I started this blog for Gizmo back in 2003, my Thriftista one in 2009 and WorkTravelTech way back in 2015. Some do make money (but not a quit-your-job level of cash), and I enjoy writing them.

I also ‘get’ that truly committing to a blog, writing regularly, sharing it far and wide, and improving your craft are all a helluva lot of work. As much as any job. And when you’re starting out, you’re definitely not getting recognized or paid for it.

But it’s your passion. Your space to share what’s important to you, what’s happening in your life, even what you ate for lunch. It’s all you. And as such, the commitment goes even higher.

Which brings me back to why I enjoy working with bloggers: whether travel, lifestyle, food, mommy, you name it, they’re always a fun, inspiring group of (often female) folks. They keep plugging away at their craft while, often, working full-time jobs and supporting families.

Day 2 (or 3??) of #BlogHouse Philly - photo by Jennifer Huber: Solo Travel Girl Blog.

Day 2 (or 3??) of #BlogHouse Philly – photo by Jennifer Huber: Solo Travel Girl Blog.

BlogHouse Philly

I’ve been to a number of blogging and travel blogging conferences. It’s often a great vibe, and even as long as I’ve been at social media, blogging, or web design and development, I always pick up something new. I was honored to pick up BlogHouse Philly’s WordPress duties this year, sharing tech tidbits and ways to improve your WordPress sites. Other ‘mentors’ shared tips to improve sites, content and social sharing. The all-star mentor list also included:

It’s nothing new from my usual speaking retinue (OK, I do add in tidbits I don’t share in my free talks) but the one-on-ones made it easier to check in personally and show someone how to speed up their site, back up years of work (for the first time!) or just optimize what they’ve been doing.

I’ll be sharing my Philadelphia posts over on my own travel blog, WorkTravelTech, in coming weeks because it was a whirlwind of a trip. But be sure to keep your eye on these up-and-coming bloggers, as they already were working their tails off. Now they’re just be that much better.

BlogHouse Philly

Many thanks to Sonesta Philadelphia, Sofitel Philadelphia, Visit Philly, and Context Travel for their hospitality in sharing a wonderful city!

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